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Project Highlights: Division of Technology & Development

In keeping with Governor Lee’s promise to prioritize support for mothers, children, and families facing a crisis pregnancy, a significant investment in resources for Tennessee mothers, children and families has been made that includes $20 million in the Fiscal Year 2023-24 budget. These funds are being used to create Tennessee Strong Families, an innovative grant program that will improve access to maternal healthcare and boost critical resources for expecting mothers by supporting local nonprofit organizations and pregnancy centers across the state. SWORPS Division of Technology & Development is supporting applicants to and awardees of this grant program through the provision of Help Desk services, webinars, and microlearning sessions.
If you would like to access these services, please call our toll-free Help Desk at 884-887-9677 or email us at

The Tennessee Department of Education selected our development team to create a data repository for their after-school and extended learning programs: TN-ELAP. For 14 years SWORPS has maintained the TN-ELAP database for educators across the state to collect, analyze, and report student performance measures such as grades, attendance, and engagement. Our learning consultants develop and deliver training for the users of this database, and provide technical support through a virtual help desk and a user-focused website,

Our developers designed the TrainTN database and user portal for a collaborative of state agencies and organizations working to establish and maintain high quality childcare standards. Our learning consultants provide user support and work closely with Tennessee State University to ensure that users enter accurate training data, while also acting as liaison to the development team. Childcare directors and the professionals who train their staff use TrainTN to verify that content meets state licensure rules, federal grant requirements, and professional development standards. TrainTN is the official clearinghouse for early childhood trainings recognized as approved by the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS).

SWORPS developers created the online user portal TAM and the TAM database for childcare professionals across the state to track the training, technical assistance, and referrals they have provided to daycare agencies and staff. Our learning consultants work with both ends of this large repository —the software developers and the end users —to provide training development and support quality assurance and product testing.

Among the many collaborations between Signal Centers and SWORPS' development talent are the organization's primary website, the Family Forward Database, the Big Signal Database, and the WAGE$ Website.

Within the SWORPS family of field-based service projects, our development team has designed and currently maintains: